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How Can Jesus Be God And Man?
 Equally amazing to the doctrine of the Trinity is the doctrine of the Incarnation--that Jesus Christ is God and man, yet one person, forever.

Did Christ Die For Us Or For God?
 One of the reasons it is hard to communicate biblical reality to modern, secular people is that the biblical mindset and the secular mindset move from radically different starting points.

The New Atheism
This excellent article addresses the recent attacks on Christianity by such prominent atheists as Richard Dawkins, author of "The God Delusion" and Christopher Hitchens who wrote the book "God is not...

What Is The Reformed Faith?
Our Church is called Bethel United Reformed Church because we classify ourselves as a part of those churches that are "Reformed". What does it mean to be "Reformed"? What is the history of the word? ...

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King
The diagnosis is not very good: we are ignorant, guilty, and corrupt. But the prognosis is far worse. We are under the curse and face certain death. As fallen sinners ravaged by a threefold consequen...

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Divine Image Bearers
With the language of the eighth Psalm clearly in mind (“you have made [man] a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” v. 5), Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til ...

Basics of the Reformed Faith: God’s Attributes
Much indeed can be known about God from creation. We know that God is eternal, all-powerful, and good (cf. Romans 1:20). Yet, whatever we learn about God through nature (general revelation), will alw...

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